‘Luxurious… Well-designed and well-maintained; Pete’s moustache really was something to behold.’
Commented Andre Le Gordis

‘They worked so smoothly and efficiently, and were very tidy; I mean, the whole packet was gone in under two minutes, no crumbs.’
Mr Tim Sealan

‘Superb. Magnificent. I could tell instantly that it was a horse or a moose.’
Mr Alan Times, on Martins driftwood cow sculpture

On completion of his garden, Reginald Drose said:
‘I really am very pleased. I can’t wait to see the finished thing.’

‘I’ve never seen such tidy lunchboxes.’
Elma Martins

‘A clever touch and very funny, it was two weeks before I realised…’
Dr Diane L. Gorse

When approached, Mr Rod Petergers stated enthusiastically:
‘Please leave me alone. I see enough of you during the day as it is.’



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